PMP Certification Renewal Guidelines in 2024

Specific renewal guidelines guide PMP certification renewal to satisfy the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) and maintain an active status on the certificate. As per the stated guidelines, you must earn the requisite number of professional development units (PDU) during the CCR cycle. It also includes making payment of PMP certification renewal fee. PDU's can be earned via several education categories. In turn, they can be reported for PMP certification renewal. The overall process is quite seamless and involves only a few steps. 

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Reasons to do PMP® Certification Training


PMP certification renewal is a mandatory requirement and does not consume as much effort as it takes to earn one! As a PMP professional, you require recognition to ensure that your effort and abilities are compensated at the optimum level. 

This is why it is essential to pay the PMP certification renewal fee at the due time because having a certification will keep you open to more opportunities. Besides, going by the PMI's belief, professionals in the field must keep themselves updated with the progress in their domain. Each PMP certification renewal entails a cycle of 3 years during which, you must earn the requisite PDU's to qualify for renewal after paying PMP certification renewal fee. 


Starting The Process

To begin the process of PMP certification renewal, you must log in to the website of PMI. You must have earned a total of 60 PDU's during the previous certification cycle to qualify for renewal. 

PDU's can be earned through various developmental activities. They are broadly classified into two categories: 

  • Education: This involves gaining relevant knowledge so that you can sharpen your technical skills and business management manners.
  • Give back to the profession: This involves contributing to different activities with the use of your specialised skill set so that you can build the trade.

The following table depicts how PDU's can be earned through both options:

Details of certificate
Minimum PDU's in education
Maximum PDU's in giving back
3 years

Every one hour of learning awards you with 1 PDU, which can be earned by attending a course or training, organisation meetings, and discussion with experts. Consequently, you will be required to report the number of PDU's which you have earned before proceeding to pay PMP certification renewal fee. 

Filling Online Application

At the next step, you will be required to fill an online application for PMP certification renewal. It must contain all your credentials and contact information. After this, you will be required to reaffirm the code of ethics stipulated by PMI and agree to the renewal agreement. 

Payment Of Fees

Next comes the stage for PMP certification renewal fee. The following table depicts the structure of the cost associated with renewal.

Type of member
PMP Renewal Fee (in USD)
Non Member

There is no compulsion on waiting for the completion of 3 years before paying the PMP certification renewal fee and culminating the process. As long as you have earned 60 PDU's, you may proceed with the PMP certification renewal processes. However, make sure that you are not delaying it beyond 90 days from the date on which your CCR ends. 

The day on which you pass your exam marks the beginning of your first certification. Three years from this date shall be counted as the day on which your certification lapses. It is recommended that you make payment of PMP certification renewal fee before the expiry of your certification. After completing the entire process, you will receive a confirmation from PMI and a new certificate to indicate the fresh CCR cycle. 

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