DevOps Certification Process in 2024

DevOps certification deals with many IT tools and skills that go from Code Development to testing and deployment. While you need not have any prerequisite information, knowledge about IT helps immensely. To complete certification, one has to undergo training and master the course content. After applying the expertise to create a project, aspirants receive their certificate. DevOps certification opens the road for many job opportunities.     

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DevOps Certification Training

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DevOps combines the developers and operations team into one cohesive unit. This prevents confusion and increases communication. DevOps professionals are valuable assets to an organization since they understand the viewpoint and can communicate with the entire group. 


DevOps Certification plays a vital role in the hiring process and is also reliable for better jobs and future success. The information gained through the training sessions during the certification program will help to enhance the current capabilities of the candidate. 

During the certification program, candidates will absorb the DevOps methodology and all its tools and techniques. They will learn how to work in a team of cross-functional team members and how to provide improved workflows and better product deployment. DevOps certification is also consistently ranked among the highest paying jobs in the IT industry. 

Eligibility Requirements for Certification 

To qualify for the DevOps certification, there are no formal prerequisites involved. However, it is recommended to have a technical background with an understanding of the Linux fundamentals, Web development fundamentals, and Java fundamentals.

The Process of Certification 

Here's how to get a DevOps Certification:

  • Register for a DevOps course online.
  • Get a minimum of 36 hours of training to gain enough knowledge to work on a project.
  • Upon completing the training, candidates will receive a project.
  • Once the online training and the project are completed, the DevOps Certification will be awarded by the training institute.

Course Content 

A DevOps professional must know various disciplines in development and operations. They must also know how to work on different applications. Hence, they need to undergo certification to become what it truly takes to be a professional in the field. Aspirants become certified professionals only after undergoing proper training. 

DevOps Essentials

Aspirants must first learn what it means to be a DevOps engineer and realize that they are in charge of both the development and the operations sector. They will gain the basic knowledge of how DevOps functions, as well as learn about the business side of things and products.

Managing Source Code

It is essential to learn managing changes in source code and keep track of them. Github is one of the leading applications for the same. Managing the source code helps to keep the stakeholders, developers, and managers on the same page.

Understanding and Implementing Build Tools

DevOps professionals use build tools like Docker, Puppet, Ansible, and Jenkins to automate their work. These tools help to compile, link, and convert the source code to an executable package for the desired system.

Containerization Integration

DevOps professionals use tools like Docker to keep everything in one container and share it via cloud among all team members.

Continuous Integration and Testing

DevOps Engineers need to continuously test as well as work on development, and deployment. Hence, they need to learn how to use tools like Jenkins. 


DevOps not only enhances the power of a combined operations and development team but also enables better communication and quick resolution of all issues. One needs to undergo training that develops them internally as well as increases their skills and knowledge to solve problems better. After completing a project and receiving DevOps certification, it is also much easier to get a job.

Key Features

  • 4.5 Months of Intensive Online Training
  • Delivered by Industry Experts
  • Certificate from IBM
  • 100+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  • Dedicated Mentor for Instant Doubt Clarification
  • 3 Months Internship Certificate
  • Hands-On Assignment for Each Module
  • Assured Minimum Package 5-25 LPA
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