Top 5 Scrum Tools of 2024 for Agile Project Management

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We are aware that in this iterative process it is required to work with the same efficiency and speed from the beginning till the end. It is because this framework introduced releasing products in phases and sprints are allotted for a minimum of 2 weeks. During every sprint, a particular module gets completed and that is ready to be added to the shippable product. This process looks fool-proof but requires a lot of hard work to achieve results. 

Tools become an integral part of such work to monitor, record, calculate and perform many other activities. We are aware that tools make life easy and that is embraced in the scrum framework too. However, today with the development of technology we have no dearth of tools. But the challenge is to choose the right one among the many in the pool. 

We will help you identify the right scrum tools to proceed with your product development process. 

What are the Scrum tools?

First, understand what it is? These are tools used for handling all four stages in product development namely sprint planning, daily standup, sprints, and sprint retrospective. It helps in tracking the issues, bugs, etc. 

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What scrum tools do?

We can start with a whiteboard as it is a popular scrum tool that all of us know. Yes, it is used to discuss and prioritize the work especially the product backlogs. It is the simplest tool. Likewise, sticky notes can be used to ask the team to fill the work done and paste it on the board. These are the tools that are simple to use for small projects and with limited iterations. When it comes to a larger task and more work the need to use scrum tools like Jira or Trello becomes important. Before we list the top 5 scrum tools we will brief you about the task that is carried out with the scrum tools. 

  • Tools are used to prioritize the product backlog. 
  • Burndown charts are used to visually represent the sprint. 
  • For scheduling features and coordinating daily scrums. 
  • Used to manage the task and project portfolio.
  • It helps in reporting the progress and tracks the issues.
  • Allows managing risk by prioritizing them and also manages the team with respect to tasks and risk. 
  • Maps the user stories and manages backlog.

Top 5 scrum tools for 2024

1. Samepage –This tool helps to carry out multiple tasks like communicating, managing projects, collaborating online, conducting meetings, etc. It is cloud-based tool that handles video conferencing, managing tasks, sharing the screen, and file in real-time. The project task board will allow users to set goals, make a todo list, check work in progress, and confirm work done. Further, it is possible to plan a call to connect with customers too. Remote teams also can perform effectively with Samepage and scrum master can bring all stakeholders to one page during the discussions to avoid any rework.  Finally, this will also allow file synchronization possible making all the documents get collected in one place. 

In short, Samepage is becoming a popular scrum tool as it integrates communication, task management, productivity monitoring, and file-sharing tools altogether. Yes, you don’t need a zoom, Asana, Wrike, or Dropbox individually but just install Samepage to do all the tasks in one go. 

2. JIRA – This is the well-known scrum tool that is used for quite some time and adds on features to its list periodically. Currently, it allows the team to focus on delivery by offering customized scrum boards. Kanban boards allow continuous delivery and minimize the cycle time. Make clear roadmaps to provide clarity to the entire team. The team can access reports in one click and connect issues with codes and fix them. 

Automating Jira is the trending feature that saves time and allows integration in one click. In a nutshell, planning, monitoring, and releasing can happen with this one tool that made it very popular among scrum users. 

3. Bitrix24 – It is a collaborative tool used to communicate and manage projects at small and large businesses. It is a user-friendly tool and allows managing messages, emails, tasks, and files in one place. It can be installed on mobile devices and PCs. You can avail this for free and try with 12 users before you decide to purchase one. 

Messages instantly and even share your calendars using this scrum tools. Create sales funnel, send bulk emails, share files, generate CRM reports. CRM integration will allow you to centralize the details, inputs, and activities altogether. Communication is secure and the data security remains intact. 

4. Trello – Every agile project management company must have hands-on experience with the Trello tool. It is easy to set up the boards and the team will break the task into chunks and divide them as charts. Adding or removing team members can happen anytime as well as subtask can be added naturally. The color-coding system is the highlighting feature of Trello which has kept the same tempo of this scrum tool for almost one decade. 

Its ease of use has allowed scrum users to rely on it and it is nothing but a digital version of a whiteboard. This is the winning feature of Trello and even a conservative project manager can adapt to agile projects without any hesitation. It offers complete visibility of the scrum framework at all stages. In the years to come many tools can be launched but Trello will stand out for its flexibility and ease in setting up which can be used even by an amateur but professionally. 

5. nTask - This scrum tool can be used by small teams and individuals to manage tasks, generate reports, share data, and also include checklists. The project schedules are monitored using the Gantt Charts. The solution to this chart will enable planning and budgeting for upcoming projects. It is integrated with Google calendar as well as outlook so worries about meeting reminders and email communication come to an end. Recently the integration with slack has made document sharing easy. 

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Final recommendation

Even if you opt for scrum tools other than the 5 listed in the above blog you can do it by considering the following points in mind. Make sure that the tool is matching your project need, cost-effective, with expanded features and which will allow you to effectively achieve every sprint goal. 

Becoming a scrum master is easy but maintaining the team to be effective needs skills and hence choose a Scrum Master Certification to acquire required skills. You can also learn the art of choosing the right tools with the help of this practical training session. Managing a project is one of the key skills expected from each agile team member. Thus you need to get ready to meet challenges in planning, reporting, and managing task using the tools efficiently.  

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