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The blog will cover everything you need to know about PMP Certification. If you want to improve your project management skills, you've come to the perfect place. Read on to learn more about PMP Certification and its benefits for you and your organization. 

What's PMP Certification?

Before getting into the nitty-gritties of PMP, let us first understand what exactly PMP means in this context. PMP stands for 'Project Management Professional,' which is an internationally recognised professional designation. The official body that offers this is the 'Project Management Institute (PMI),' a non-profit organisation. PMI operates in over 200 countries and areas across the globe, with over 2.9 million professionals. Before we go further, please note that the role of a project manager is vastly different from that of a 'product' manager.   

PMP is considered to be one of the hardest and most time-consuming exams, but it is prestigious enough to give you a host of benefits that will boost your career and professional life in several ways. The PRINCE2 certification is also similar to the PMP but has a different set of criteria and process.

Eligibility for PMP certification

If you are looking forward to attaining PMP Certification, you must have basic knowledge about what is project management and details about the PMP Certification. Let us see what is the eligibility criteria for the PMP Certification set by the governing body- PMI 

Qualification CriteriaFour-Year Degree or its Global CounterpartA secondary degree or global equivalent
Duration of Project Management Expertise3 years( 36 months)5 years (60 months)
Hours of leading and directing projects4,500 hours7,500 hours
Duration of Project Management Educational Hours35 hours35 hours


Is PMP certification worth it?

There are so many reasons to choose PMP certification if you are enthusiastic about project management and want to elevate your career in the same field. 

It is a testament to an individual’s knowledge of Project Management which is recognized globally. Let us see in detail why PMP Certification is worth it.

More value in the job market: being a certified Project Manager will help you negotiate for more salary than the non-certified ones. It helps you distinguish yourself from your peers.

Improve your communication and leadership skills: The certification will help you develop these skills that will help you improve your career prospects as well.

Gives you an edge in heading projects worldwide: As this certification is globally recognized, it will give you an edge over other non-certified professionals.

Helps you in the hiring process: The PMP Certification will give you an advantage when you are applying for new jobs. The recruiter will definitely choose you over the other non-certified professionals. 

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PMP Certification Benefits

PMI claims that this is the 'most important industry-recognised certification for project managers.'  There are a huge list of PMP Certification benefits and all of them are crucial to the proper functioning of a management team. Given below are a list of few PMP benefits:  

  • Adds value to your resume 

For such a high-demand profile like this, it is certainly an advantage to have a PMP certificate on your resume - this globally-valued certificate is an indication that you are proficient enough with project management and are thoroughly dedicated to the profession.  

  • Gives better career opportunities 

Like any other top educational qualification, having a PMPon your resume exposes you to plenty of job opportunities and greater responsibilities. On the same note, there are certain jobs that you can apply for only if you have a PMP certificate, irrespective of experience.    

Some of the top jobs you can score with a PMP certificate are:

    • Engineering PMP - completing a project within the time and budget constraints
    • Consulting PMP - works with various types of clients to furnish industry expertise, so they can be successful in their venture
    • Pharmaceutical PMP - development of new medication for various treatments and problems
  • Networking with like-minded people 

There are many PMP Certification benefits and one of them is networking. You can now connect with a plethora of organisations and experts worldwide. This further enhances your knowledge and is also an essential part of the professional development units you should earn to maintain the certification. 

  • Help organization with project management 

Another PMP certification advantage caters the employers of the candidates too - those organisations complete more projects on time and within the constraints. This leads to a higher rate of customer satisfaction, as well.  

  • Higher pay than non-certified professionals 

Of course, as a certificate holder, you will also have the benefit of a higher salary (as high as 25%) compared to those who don’t have the qualification. The PMP exam is expensive to write (fee, membership, classes, etc.), but you will certainly receive and achieve much more in your career with a PMP certificate. 

  • Always stay market-relevant 

Perspectives and technologies are shifting everywhere - the digital revolution is taking over. In such a scenario, project leaders need to be equipped with the tools to adapt to the latest trends and practices using appropriate techniques (say, the Agile methodology). A variety of soft skills are also taught as part of the course, like decision making, motivation techniques, and negotiation skills. 

PMI's report says that 6.2 million jobs will be created in 2020 in this field, and the total value of this profession would rise to $5.81 trillion. All these are included in the benefits of PMP Certification in India. Moreover, the PMI India Awards Program (since 2009) is the highest honour for the project management community in the country, which also recognises the contribution to the field by academia. 

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The importance of PMP certification has only grown in the last two decades.  It will allow you and your organization to implement better project management processes.  It is a Gold-Standard for Project Managers and helps you and your organization equally. We hope this blog has given you all the necessary details to know if you should opt for PMP Certification or not. If you want to improve your career prospects or enhance the productivity of your team, you can opt for StarAGile’s PMP Certification, which will help you crack the exam in the first attempt. 




What is the cost of PMP certification?

The PMP Certification Cost in India ranges from INR 22,000/- to INR 3,80,000/-. But if you are looking for affordable choices, then you can choose StarAgile which gives the course only INR 18,999/-. 

What is the salary of a PMP Professional per month?

The salary for a PMP Professional in India per month is INR 90,000/-- INR 1,00,000/-

Can I get a job with just a PMP?

The certification is designed for full-time project managers. Therefore, rather than helping you to secure a job, it will help you elevate your career with better opportunities. 

Is PMP tough to crack?

Yes, the PMP test is difficult to pass and requires thorough preparation. The PMP test will assess your knowledge of project management and your ability to manage teams. 

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