PMP® Certification Training in Australia

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The PMP Certification in Australia is the standard for project managers who want to get high-paying jobs in IT, finance, healthcare, and other areas that are growing quickly. The Project Management Institute's (PMI)'s PMP Training is meant to help people learn important project management skills. The 49 project management methods in the course are in line with the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition. With 35 hours of live virtual training and access to classes for life, you can learn from PMI-approved teachers. The PMP Course gives students structured PMP Training Online to help them pass the PMP test with confidence on their first attempt.

Key Features

  • rightcir35 Hrs Live Virtual training
  • rightcirDelivered by PMI® Authorized Training Partner (PMI® - ATP)
  • rightcirCourse Completion Certificate
  • rightcir35 PDUs offered – PMI® Approved
  • rightcirPMI® Authorized Instructors
  • rightcir100% Money Back Guarantee
  • rightcirApplication assistance with PMP application template
  • rightcirNo Cost EMI Available
  • CSM VideoQuick Explainer
    3 Minutes
CSM VideoQuick Explainer
3 Minutes
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Reasons to do PMP Certification Training


What is PMP® Certification? What you can learn from PMP Certification?

The PMP (Project Management Professional) course stands out as the pre-eminent certification among management professionals. Enjoying widespread popularity and garnering significant esteem from multinational corporations. This PMP certification online in Australia serves as a distinguished avenue for individuals to cultivate the essential skills and expertise required to navigate the complexities of project management successfully.

Catering to a diverse audience, the PMP certification in Australia holds broad appeal, attracting professionals from various industries and organizational levels. Its universal recognition makes it a valuable asset, opening doors to opportunities and roles in high-demand sectors globally.

One of the key advantages for employers lies in the ability to instill confidence in customers by having a cadre of managers equipped with PMP certification in Australia. The PMP certification in Australia attests to a manager's proficiency in steering projects to completion within stipulated timelines, a crucial factor in establishing credibility and fostering client trust. The assurance of having PMP-certified professionals on board enhances an organization's reputation for delivering projects reliably and efficiently.

The PMP certification course in Australia catalyzes individual professional development. Participants undergo a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond the technical aspects of project management. 

Moreover, the PMP certification in Australia is not just a validation of technical know-how; it is a testament to an individual's commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in project management. As professionals acquire and apply the knowledge gained from the PMP course, they become adept at making strategic decisions, efficiently managing resources, and ensuring the successful execution of projects in dynamic and ever-evolving business landscapes.


PMP® Certificate


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Course Reviews

The Quality Of The Training Is Really Good

The quality of the training is really good. I completed my PMP training, the trainer cleared all the doubt. And the support from StarAgile is also very nice



Senior executive

verified-logoVerified Learner

Completed PMP Training From Star Agile

Completed PMP training from Star Agile. The trainer helped me with clearing the concept and for clearing my PMP exam



Senior Architect

verified-logoVerified Learner

Thank You StarAgile For A Great Training

Thank you StarAgile for a great training.It was presented in an enthusiastic way.Great presentation style with lots of real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative training.


Daren V

Senior Engineer

verified-logoVerified Learner

Training Organized By StarAgile Was Very Valuable And Helpful In Clearing Certification Exam(PMP), I Strongly Recommend StarAgile For Other Certifications As Well Looking At Their Professionalism

Training organized by StarAgile was very valuable and helpful in clearing certification exam(PMP), I strongly recommend StarAgile for other certifications as well looking at their professionalism.The best part is the you will learn everything with practical examples. StarAgile is one of the best center available in Australia for professional training.



Senior executive

verified-logoVerified Learner

PMP® Certification and Training FAQ's

Is this a live training session, or will I be watching pre-recorded videos in this PMP certification training in Australia?

The Zoom platform is used for online live streaming of lectures of the PMP certification training in Australia. During class, we hold interactive sessions where one can ask questions. As part of exam preparation, individuals are given each meeting's recordings for future use.

Is the exam fee for the PMP certification training in Australia included in the course fee?

No, the examination fee is not included in PMP certification training in Australia.

Does StarAgile guarantee that the PMP training in Australia and course material delivered will aid exam success?

Yes. Our PMP training in Australia & materials are specifically designed to meet certification needs and will assist candidates in passing the exam in 45 days.
The course package includes pre-recorded videos, live virtual sessions with highly professional instructors, five simulation tests, five projects, five case studies, and quizzes.

What are the payment methods for the PMP course in Australia?

Payment methods include credit and debit cards.

What are the career benefits of taking the PMP Course in Australia?

Globally Recognized Certification: PMP-certified experts are recognized worldwide for their skills. There are over 450k certified individuals worldwide.

Increased Job Opportunities: People with the PMP certification course in Australia have been promised more jobs with better positioning because they have superior expertise in delivering projects with high-quality results.
Increased Salary: According to some surveys, PMP-certified professionals earn more than 20% more than non-certified professionals.

Ability to Work on Most Difficult Projects: Certified individuals gain exposure to more challenging and complex projects. PMP-certified managers demonstrate exceptional skills and experience in managing and leading large projects.

What is the duration of the PMP certification course in Australia?

The PMP certification in Australia is valid for three years. To renew the certificate, one must fulfill certain conditions.

Does StarAgile provide virtual and online live PMP certification training in Australia?

StarAgile provides two types of training: 
a) Virtual (interactive) training
b) self-paced coaching (Recorded videos)

Who can take the PMP Certification Course in Australia?

Project Managers, Off-site coordinators, Program Managers, Onsite coordinators, QA Managers, Leads, Shipping Managers, Consultants, Practice Managers, Development Team Managers, and Business Analysts can take PMP certification training in Australia.

Which certification Is the best to become a project manager in Australia other than the PMP Certification?

Other than the PMP certification training in Australia, one can choose the following certification courses:

  • PRINCE2 (the UK & the Commonwealth nations)
  • CCR PMP (the US & other countries)
  • PMI-ACP Accreditation
  • CSM Accreditation

What equipment is required to attend PMP PMP certification training in Australia?

The technical specifications for PMP training in Australia are straightforward:

  • Windows versions before XP SP3 and Mac versions before OS X 10.6.
  • Internet speed: greater than 512 KBPS
  • Microphone and Headset

How many PDUs will I receive after my PMP certification course in Australia?

Aspirants receive 35 PDUs upon completion of the PMP certification course in Australia.

What exactly is a PMP Course in Australia?

PMP course (Project Management Professionals) is a well-known certification offered by Project Management Institute. It is a blessing and an honor for any organization to have PMP-certified project managers.
The PMP certification training in Australia enables a person to work in any environment with any processes. They also receive a higher salary and global acclaim in the sector.

Is it worthwhile to take the PMP exam?

The PMP exam is worthwhile because the certification is recognized worldwide, & PMP-certified individuals get 16% more than non-certified individuals in median salaries.

Who offers PMP certification training in Australia?

PMP Training is provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a globally recognized organization.

How much do PMP-certified professionals make on average after undergoing PMP certification training in Australia?

Experts with PMP certification in Australia earn 20% more than non-certified professionals. The average salary of the experts is around $112,000 per year.

What certification do I receive after my PMP training in Australia?

PMP certification training in Australia provides course completion certification and 35 hours of PDU certificate.

Is the PMP online certification in Australia similar to a degree?

Yes, because it is recognized worldwide, the PMP Course in Australia is equal to a degree, and the practical skills and expertise acquired are those of a degree program.

How much does the PMP Exam cost?

Fees Type 

Member Status


PMI® Membership Fees


CBT Test Fees





Re-examination CBT Fees





Total Fees that PMI® Charges





What exactly are PDUs and SEUs?

For Project Management Professionals, PDUs (Professional Development Units) are affiliated with the Project Management Institute.
Scrum Alliance SEUs (Scrum Education Units) must obtain the CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) certification. Both are methods of monitoring the achievement level and success rate of certifications from these organizations.

Is the PMP training course in Australia affiliated with the PMBOK Guide - Seventh Edition and PMI course changes?

Yes, the PMP training in Australia is affiliated with the PMBOK Guide - Seventh Edition.

Is the PMP Course in Australia Beneficial for Architects?

Yes, the PMP Certification Course in Australia is ideal for architects because it teaches them project management skills such as cost control, teamwork, and quality control, allowing them to improve project quality. 

Why choose StarAgile for PMP certification training in Australia?

StarAgile is among the most reputable names in coaching and consulting services. It is globally renowned among top IT multinational corporations. Its training programs are a terrific source of knowledge and provide expert skills and the most recent certifications.
Following the PMP certification training in Australia, individuals get the confidence to implement it successfully across organizations. StarAgile has trained over 50,000 professionals for PMP certification training in Australia and is the only organization with a 4.9/5 rating on Google.

Is the PMP course in Australia still in demand in 2024?

PMP certification training in Australia is required for project managers; its value is estimated to increase 25% between 2018 and 2024. A PMP certification allows individuals to earn 20% more than the average salary.

What’s the Process of PMP Certification Training?

The process for PMP certification training in Australia is outlined below:

Step 1: Submit the Application (Individual has 90 days to apply from the start of the application).
Step 2: Review of the Application Completeness (Candidates have 5 days since online application submission).
Step 3: Audit Procedure (After the application is selected, 90 Days is given to each person to send the audit material).
Step 4: Payment Process by the Applicant(Application payment is essential for scheduling the exam).
Step 5: Multiple Choice Examination Eligibility (At least 1-year from the date of the application acceptance)
Step 6: Credential Cycle (The Cycle starts the day the candidate passes the exam).
Step 7: Maintaining the credentials (Candidates should earn 60 PDUs in three years).
Step 8: Renewal of Credentials (The candidate can complete the renewal by submitting 60 PDU and paying renewal fees).
Step 9: Credential Suspension (This occurs if the certification maintenance condition is not fulfilled and submitted by the third year of passing the exam).
Step 10: Credential Expiration (This happens when the certification maintenance condition is not met and one must reapply to get their credentials back).

What abilities will one gain after completing the PMP Course Online in Australia?

The PMP course online in Australia broadens understanding of fundamental project management processes, tools, techniques, and methodologies. It provides professional experience with various tools like Gantt charts, work breakdown structures, and project and cost estimations. It also teaches experts how to complete projects on time, within budget, and scope.

Do you assist with the PMP certification exam application process?

Yes, we provide complete application process assistance for the PMP Certification exam. We will share an Excel sheet calculator to fill out project experience details. This Excel will assist candidates in filling out the actual application for the PMP certification in Australia. In addition, at the time of Live Virtual training, our trainers will describe the entire application process for the PMP certification training in Australia.

What exactly is Live Virtual Training for PMP certification training in Australia?

Video conferencing will be used to deliver live virtual PMP training in Australia. Aspirants have two options for courses. They can attend live classrooms in person or remotely from their computer, and the course trainer and other classmates can be seen and heard in real-time.

How many attempts can I take for the PMP certification Exam in Australia?

There are three attempts for the PMP Certification Training in Australia. The first will charge $555 for non-members and $405 for members; the second and third attempts will charge $375 for non-members and $275 for members.

What are the eligibility requirements for PMP certification in Australia?

For a PMP certification in Australia, a candidate requires a four-year bachelor's degree, 36 months of project management, CAPM® Certification, or 35 hours of project management education/training.

— OR —

A high school diploma or an associate's degree is required (or global equivalent), 60 months of project management, CAPM® Certification, or 35 hours of project management education/ PMP training.

What is the number of questions on the PMI®-PMP exam?

The PMI®-PMP exam contains 180 questions.

The percentage breakdown of questions by domain is shown below:

Sr. No.

Domain Name

Question Percentage


Project Initiation



Project Planning



Project Execution



Project Monitoring and Controlling



Project Closure


How does the money-back guarantee work in the PMP certification online in Australia?

In the 100% Money-Back Guarantee of the PMP certification online in Australia, if a candidate fails to clear the PMP Exam within 2 attempts after our course, we will refund the complete training fee of the candidate.

PMP® Certification & Exam FAQ's

How much does PMP Certification Training in Australia cost?

The PMP certification in Australia cost depends on one's choice of certification PMP certification training online or classroom PMP certification training. Students must pay training fees to the institute to receive the required 35 hours of training materials. (For members, it is $405; for non-members, it is $555).

Is it possible to retake the PMP Exam if I fail the first time?

Yes. The PMP Exam can be retaken. The fee for a re-examination attempt is $275 for members and $375 for non-members. 

Can you take the PMP exam if you have no prior experience?

One cannot appear in the PMP exam unless they have previous experience. It is valued because certification requires 2-6 years of training, knowledge, and the most valuable asset “experience.”

Is it possible to take a PMP Course online without prior training?

According to the eligibility criteria, 35 hours of formal training are required to take the PMP course online, which cannot be obtained solely through self-study of the PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition.
The hours above can be acquired through formal education (MBA, for example) or REP or non-REP training centers.

From which certification body will I receive my PMP certification in Australia?

PMI, founded in 1969, offers the PMP course. Through global advocacy, cooperation, education, and research, PMI provides value to 2.9 million professionals working in countries worldwide. 

Is the PMP exam paper-based or online?

PMI offers computer-based and paper-based tests, but offline tests are only available to candidates who live at least 300 kilometers from a CBT (Computer-Based Test) Center.
If a company organizes PBT for its employees, the 300-kilometer limit does not apply. Also, PBT exam grades may take 6-8 weeks, whereas CBT exam results are available immediately after the exam.  

After passing the exam, how do I obtain my PMP Course Certification?

When the PMP certification exam is completed, the Prometric staff will provide the candidates with a printout of the results. Within 1-2 weeks, one will get an email from the PMI®.
One can see the certification data in their account and on the PMI registry. A candidate's certificate will arrive in approximately 4 to 6 weeks. 

What are the Prerequisites of PMP certification training in Australia?

A 4-year bachelor's degree or some secondary or higher secondary degree, work experience, and 35 hours of project management learning are required for PMP certification in Australia.

How much is the cost of the PMP Course in Australia?

Fees Type

Member Status


PMI® Membership Fees


CBT Test Fees





Re-examination CBT Fees





Total Fees that PMI® Charges





How much does the PMP Course in Australia’s exam cost?

The PMP course Fees are $555 for non-members and $405 for members. However, PMI® membership costs $139 plus a $10 joining fee. Members' re-examination attempt fees have also been reduced from $375 to $275.

What is the PMP Certification Training in Australia online exam pattern?

In 230 minutes, 180 questions must be answered. Only 175 queries will be evaluated for Pass/Fail. The passing score is expected to be in the range of 61% to 62%.

How long does the PMP Exam last?

The PMP exam lasts 230 hours and requires one to attempt 180 questions.

How long does the PMP Exam last?

The PMP exam lasts 230 hours and requires one to attempt 180 questions.

Is the PMP Exam Going to Change in 2024?

No. Students must use the current Exam Content Outline (ECO) and the PMBOK Guide–Sixth Edition.

Is the PMP Certification in Australia valid?

The PMP certification in Australia has validity for three years from the time of issue. Extending the certificate for three years requires showing evidence of 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units).

Describe the questions' weightage in the PMP exam.

PMP certification exam questions pattern is arranged as follows for each domain: -

Sr. No.

Domain Name

Percentage of Questions


Project Initiation



Project Planning



Project Execution



Project Monitoring and Controlling



Project Closure


What is the PMP Training exam procedure?

The process of PMP training in Australia is:

Step 1 (Fulfillment of Eligibility Criteria)- All eligibility criteria, such as education, job experience, and formal training hours, must be met.
Step 2 (Application Completion)- After a participant has met the eligibility criteria, the application must be submitted within 90 days of being opened.
Step 3 (Application Review)- Following the successful submission of an application, the records and details submitted are verified. The application review process takes about 5-10 days.
Step 4 (Payment)- After the application has been approved, the payment can be completed successfully.
Step 5 (Test appointment Scheduling)- After payment is completed, the final testing stage takes place. Candidates are allowed a period of one year from the application approval date for taking the exam. In this one year, an individual may take three exams. 

What is the PMP certification training in Australia pass percentage?

The passing % for PMP certification is 61%-62%. However, they now use a challenging system without a predefined passing score. However, it is said to be near a 62% score. 

Can I take a break from the PMP exam and resume it later?

No. one cannot pause the PMP exam, but one can take as many breaks as one wishes; note that this time will be counted towards one's exam duration. 

What is the renewal process for PMP Certification in Australia?

PMP Certification in Australia renewal consists of five steps, as detailed below: -

Step 1: Obtain 60 PDUs (Get 60 PDUs in the 3-year certification cycle).
Step 2: Complete the certification renewal application.
Step 3: Reaffirm commitment to the PMI Code of Ethics.
Step 4: Pay the fee for the certificate renewal.
Step 5 - Receive certification status confirmation from PMI®.

PMP® Additional FAQ's

How much time does it take to qualify for the PMP Course exam?

To qualify for a PMP course exam, one needs a Bachelor's degree; Candidates will need 35 hours of training and 24 to 36 months of project management experience with 60 to 120 hours of self-study.
If one has an associate degree or less, one can substitute 35 hours of training for 60 months of project management experience, followed by 60 to 120 hours of self-study. 

What is the PMP audit process like?

Candidates will be notified via email if their registration is chosen for a PMP audit. The PMP audit is a purely random process. If one is chosen for the audit, the following steps will be taken:

• Candidates need to open their email and download the audit package
• Create audit forms
• Have their supervisor or manager approve the audit forms if they have relevant experience
• Make photocopies of one's diploma/degree
• Make photocopies of one's pertinent certificates

And finally, send the forms and all copies of certificates to the address listed below:
Attention: Certification Auditor
14 Campus Boulevard
Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 the United States

Does the credentials of the PMP training course in Australia expire?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) credential never expires. However, the PMP certification must be renewed every three years. In the three years since users last earned their PMP certificate, they should have earned 60 professional development units (PDUs).

How do I make use of the digital keys I received from StarAgile?

Once one receives their digital keys, one can go to and log in with their PMI® credentials or create a new login and click "Add course" to redeem their digital key. 

Which is better, the PMP Course or the Prince2 Course?

The PMP Training Course Australia began in the United States and has since become a global certification. Similarly, Prince2 is a global certification that originated in the United Kingdom.
It all depends on what one wishes to learn and how one implements the best practices for the organization. PMP training is knowledge-based, whereas Prince2 training is process-based. One can become a certified project manager by taking any of these courses. Both are intended for project managers. 

How important is the PMBOK Guide - Seventh Edition book for PMP Exam preparation?

There are various course materials available, like the PMP exam reference book. However, it is critical that every PMP certification candidate read the PMBOK Guide - Seventh Edition book.
Alternatively, StarAgile's PMP exam training covers everything covered in the book to help people master the art of project management. 

What are the duties of a Project Manager?

Planning, allocation of resources, as well as tasks, & complete management, are required for the project's successful implementation. The project manager is assigned these responsibilities.
The managers work to accomplish the project's end goal and requirements. PMP certification of StarAgile can help candidates ace the project managerial position by providing them with exceptional technical and managerial skills. 

Are there any PMP training course in Australia?

Yes, there are several institutes in Australia that offer PMP certification courses. However, make sure they are well-known, PMI-approved and can help you register for the PMP exam. Do they provide mock exams? Queries like these will help you select the appropriate PMP class. 

Is the PMP exam going to change after the publication of the PMBOK® Guide - Seventh Edition?

PMI will not update the PMP exam following the publication of the PMBOK Guide 7th Edition. Because both the PMP exam and the PMBOK Guide - Seventh Edition use current and accurate terminology, it is not necessary to upgrade the exam after the PMBOK Guide - Seventh h Edition is modified.

What are the characteristics of the best PMP Course in Australia?

The best PMP course is taught as a training session rather than a lecture. Project management is a skill that must be practiced in real-life situations. As a result, a course module should cover all topics and practical examples rather than just theoretical explanations. 

What is the renewal fee for the PMP course in Australia?

The renewal cost for a PMP certification training course is $60 for members and $150 for non-members. Users must submit an application form and fulfill the renewal requirements. One's name, contact details, and PMP number are all required. 

What content will I be able to access after redeeming the Digital keys?

Users will have access to these materials after redeeming the digital keys:
  • Worksheet of instructional content as well as real-world activities for students
  • Highlight Videos: Additional student materials
  • Checklists for project managers are available online for students to ensure proper coverage of key concepts
  • Course files: Files related to a course, such as activities
  • Self-assessment: Pre- and post-class assessments
  • Course evaluation form: Post-class survey

Which PMP Training Institute in Australia is the best? Why?

The finest PMP Training institute is one that possesses the following characteristics:

• Virtual live training
• Full access to video recording for the rest of one's life
• Session conclusion, quiz, and activities
• Skilled and experienced trainer
• PMI®-approved

The StarAgile clears all the above-mentioned criteria and therefore it is considered as one of the best institutes for PMP certification training in Australia

Is the PMP exam difficult?

True, the PMP exam is among the most difficult in the world. The PMP training course in Australia covers a significant portion of the curriculum. To pass the exam, one must possess project management skills and be able to answer all questions quickly.

What is new about the new PMP exam format?

The new PMP exam domains have been revised to include a broader range of skills and approaches.

The exam will cover three topics:
• People - emphasizing the skills and activities required to lead a project team effectively.
• Process - to reinforce the technical project management aspects.
• Business Environment - emphasizing the relationship between projects and organizational strategy

The PMP training course in Australia will also include a prediction model and hybrid and agile approaches as part of the new content. 

Are there any online PMP Training centers in Australia?

Yes, several institutes, including StarAgile, provide online PMP certification training. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the concept of online training began, and it has become the most popular way of training in the last year.

Is the PMP training course in Australia in high demand?

The PMP certification is in high demand, and earning it can lead to career advancement and higher pay. Based on the survey, the project managerial job industry will likely create 22 million new jobs by 2027.

What is the expiration date of my digital keys?

The digital license keys are legitimate for one year after they are redeemed. We recommend redeeming digital keys as soon as possible after receiving them from StarAgile.

What exactly is a PMP Audit?

The PMP Course audit reviews the PMP programs, such as the credibility and certification process of the PMP candidate. It is completed with randomly selected applicants, and candidates will be informed if their credentials must be verified in advance.

Does the PMP training course in Australia increase your salary?

The pay rise one may receive after becoming a project manager depends on various factors. However, according to a PMI study, PMP accredited individuals earn 20% more than those without a PMP certification.

What exactly are Digital License Keys? And how will I get them?

For learners registered after December 1, 2020, digital license keys are unique keys received via email from StarAgile. These digital keys provide access to the best PMI-vetted PMP standardized test prep and training content. StarAgile will send the digital license keys within 14 days of enrolling in the PMP training course in Australia.

Is the PMP exam available online?

Yes, one can take the PMP exam online. Candidates must plan ahead of time for the PMP exam date and schedule the exam. This is because it is a proctored exam, and a live invigilator will be watching candidates during the exam.
This virtual exam can be completed from the comfort of one's home or office. To take the minutes exam, one must have a webcam, a laptop, a strong internet connection, and just a quiet place. Candidates must thoroughly go through the PMP training course in Australia.

How can the status of the PMP training course in Australia be confirmed?

PMI Certification Registry can be used to validate the PMP course certification. The identities of the respective certification owners can be found by searching the first or last name in the space provided.

Trusted by over 50,000 customers around the world

About PMP® Certification Training

What are the significance and benefits of PMP Certification?

PMP Certification in Australia is primarily viewed as one of the best certifications in the world. For individuals looking for better job opportunities and wanting to branch out into new industries or markets, StarAgile's PMP training in Australia is the right fit for them.

  • This PMI® PMP Certification in Australia will provide candidates with the tools, techniques, and methodologies needed to be successful project managers.
  • Candidates will get exposure to the real-world experience of PMI standards with knowledge about leadership qualities, bolstering communication skills, risk managerial skills, critical thinking, current trends, decision-making, and best practices.
  • PMP Certification in Australia will open doors to new opportunities. A certified PMP earns more money than non-certified managers because a certified PMP has undergone rigorous training and has acquired the skills, ability, learning, and expertise to deal with challenging and diverse projects efficiently.
  • Employers are also confident that hiring a certified PMP from StarAgile's PMP Certification in Australia will benefit their organization in the near future and long run.
  • The PMP certification course trainers in Australia are qualified PMI®-PMP professionals with more than 20 years of professional experience. So, one gets to learn from some of the most experienced and discerning instructors.
  • The PMP Online Training is broadcast live so that candidates can interact, ask questions, and participate in discussions. This offers a free flow of information.

Exam Process of the PMP Course

PMP Certification is available both on paper and online. The passing score for the PMP certification exam is close to 62%, but if one does not pass, they can retake the exam for a fee. Candidates have three chances to pass the exam.

The PMP Certification lasts three years. By paying a renewal fee and providing proof of 60 Professional Development Units, one can extend their PMP certification for another three years. 

Why is PMP Certification important for Professional Development? 

The PMI offers PMP certification, regarded as one of the most difficult certifications; thus, there is a high demand for a certified PMP. With this certification, one can make better networking connections because they will be able to network with other senior professionals and project managers more frequently than before.

This certification will offer more exposure and increase their chances for more career opportunities and recognition both within the company and globally, thereby significantly increasing their earning potential. 


There are numerous benefits to becoming a certified PMP. Though the PMP certification process is rigorous, time-consuming, and costly, all of one's efforts will be rewarded because becoming a certified PMP enhances your professional life. It's an essential credential or certification that significantly contributes to one's resume and helps one develop vital skills required to achieve career success.

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