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Why SAFe Certification after CSM Certification.

by StarAgile

April 17, 2019
Category Agile and Scrum

In today’s world, job competition is getting very tough. You need to keep your skills at a very high value in an online world which is fast-paced; it does not matter if you are a consultant or corporate employee or a job seeker. In IT and service field, Agile has gained importance in today’s world as a standard for project management. Agile tools, techniques, and concepts have been adopted by most of the project management professionals to do the projects successfully that was never there earlier.

                                                                         SAFe vs CSM

If you want to make an agile as a career or change careers, you can get an agile certification. As there are many types of rigorous and valuable certifications, it can be difficult to know what to do. CSM and SAFe are currently the two most in-demand IT certifications that enhance professional development and pay structure. In this article, you must understand that to fly high in the career you need to have CSM certification as the foundation and SAFe certification as the wings of the parachute. Let’s understand in detail as to why you must choose SAFe after CSM.

The certifications that we are considering here requires a certain amount of basic understanding of Scrum and/or roles and experience of Scrum Master. These certifications require classroom training.

For evaluating the value of the certifications we must reflect on the following things given below:

  • A fee of the training program
  • Thoroughness of assessment process
  • Whether basic understanding and any of the subject is a pre-requisite
  • How proficiency is evaluated

Industry Value viewpoint must be factored here along with the above-described list and they are as follows:

  • How relevant are the certifications for Business Goals and Objectives?
  • Whether this certification helps in career and what we are looking to achieve?
  • What does this certification represent?

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Certified Scrum Master, from Scrum Alliance is one of the renowned and extensively recognized certifications in the world. It is a two-day instructor-led training and as a pre-requisite needs a basic understanding of Scrum and basic experience in Scrum role of Scrum Products. However, it is not that difficult to understand the subject and attain the certifications and also not having mastery of the Scrum or Scrum roles and products is fine for attending the CSM course.

However, to show that the CSM is not an ordinary certification in 2012 to recover the value and genuineness the ‘CSM assessment’ was introduced and the course fee included the assessment and course training. However, the assessment is not that difficult in anyway.

CSM course offers educational and engaging classes about Agile methodology and Scrum framework. You can quickly register in an classroom course and learn both advanced and basics version of scrum concepts to handle projects in a better way. The syllabus is designed in such a way it covers the outline of both the empirical and defined processes. Also, this course includes the history of agile, the framework, agile principles, and manifesto. Get a hold on the basics and then practice to become an expert in the sophisticated operational agile principles.

Few other elements of CSM certification course include scrum framework’s aerial view, values of scrum values, and its artifacts. Several functions, roles or responsibilities of scrum are also explained in detail such as the role of a PO, developer and the scrum master. Mastering the responsibilities and the roles are the key to improve the performance on the job. Further, each role like the QA and the manager is well defined and hence you can assess the roles and improve the performance.

The experts in the training will deliver details about sprint retrospectives, execution, and planning. The syllabus has the details about Release burn chart, sprint chart, product backlog refinement, the definition of done and acceptance criteria. Finally, you can manage teams and make them self-organizing and your workload as monitoring is not required. The training duration is 2 days and is a classroom 16-hour training with simulations, case studies, role plays, and classroom sessions.

SAFe Certification

Scaled Agile has created the SAFe framework which is called the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). It guides every organization to develop agile technology throughout the enterprise. This has become an exceptional framework that can be incorporated into any existing enterprise structure to give the whole organization the advantages of Agile in a short span of time. There are many Benefits working with Scaled Agile Framework.

Apart from the evaluations, formalized standard training provided ensures that every participant understands the framework as well as their role in a SAFe adopted company.

Although the SAFe course contains valuable lessons which can be used on the other Agile flavors, it is important for an individual who pays the Scrum Master role first time get a detailed understanding about their role and its integration in the SAFe approach.

When you talk to customers who acquired their CSM a few years ago and have recently been granted SAFe certification since their company is migrating to SAFe, SAFe offers students more hands-on management skills and more, as well as leadership skills that enable them to play the role of Scrum Masters. The certification exam has more advanced and role-based questions. Here are the Top 10 Reasons to get SAFe Certification.

Top 10 reasons – Why SAFe after CSM

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