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PMP Certification Training in Hyderabad

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification in Hyderabad is a worldwide recognized proficient certification that validates a specialist’s education and knowledge in project management. This desired qualification is presented by the reputed and renowned Project Management Institute to individuals who succeed in the PMP Examination led by the Project Management Institute (PMI). As of March 2018, there are 833,025 active PMP certified individuals and 286 chartered chapters across 210 countries and territories worldwide.”


Self-Paced Learning

  • ✔ 180 days of access to high-quality, self-paced learning content designed by industry experts.
Rs. 6,999

Online Classroom

  • ✔ 90 days of access to 1+ instructor-led online training classes
  • ✔ 180 days of access to high-quality, self-paced learning content designed by industry experts
  • Weekend Classes starts from 1st Nov

Rs. 12,999

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Key Features of PMP Certification Training:

  • 36 Hours of Live Virtual training
  • 180 days of access to high-quality, self-paced learning content designed by industry experts
  • 20+ years highly experienced trainers
  • 35 PDUs offered 1
  • 5 Case studies
  • 5 hands on Projects
  • End-of-Chapter Quizzes
  • 5 Simulation Exams (200 Questions each)

PMP Certification Training in Hyderabad

What is PMP Certification?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is a worldwide recognized proficient certification that validates a specialist’s education and knowledge in project management. This desired qualification is presented by the reputed and renowned Project Management Institute to individuals who succeed in the PMP Examination led by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Why PMP Certification?

PMP certification now as we know is required for validating and polishing the skills of Project Management. In this section, I will put more light on reasons for pursuing PMP certification.
1. Worldwide Recognition of your knowledge, skills and abilities
PMP Certification in Hyderabad is recognized anywhere in the world and because of its reputation, it helps the PMP certified Professional to work in any part of the world. Accomplishing the PMP certification will help professionals establish and display their skills and proficiency in the Organizations across the world.
2. Remuneration hike
One of the key reasons to get PMP certified is Remuneration hike. No doubt you will have to invest good amount of money on Project Management certification and PMP training but once you are PMP certified, it will yield you good returns as well. The pay scale of PMP certified individually is anytime greater than that of non-certified Professional as it holds lot of value in the Industry
3. Access to PMP certified community
Once you are PMP certified, you will find chance for yourself to get exposed to PMP certification holder’s community where in you can share, showcase your knowledge on Project Management and in turn can seek knowledge and inputs from co- PMP certification holders
4. Better career prospects
PMP Certification in Hyderabad creates better career paths and makes available for professionals with superior job opportunities in the project management arena.
5. Improves Project Management skills to crack toughest Projects
The PMP Certification and PMP Course produces a professional some of the exciting and significant role since the certification validates a person’s devotion to project management and demonstrates to that individual’s knowledge and experience in managing challenging projects and crack the toughest ones.

What are the objectives of PMP certification course?

Project Management Professional (PMP) is becoming one of the major criteria for standardizing the Project Management knowledge and skills. So, let us see what the objectives of PMP certification course are:

  • To comprehend the several project workings in detail and absorb how to efficiently assimilate these diverse fragments to safeguard successful project results
  • To attain People management skills
  • To acquire how to use and implement the Task Breakdown model
  • To identify risks and how to mitigate risks related to a project
  • To establish project execution and project regulatory techniques required for project victory
  • To achieve project conclusion events on time and seek formal sign-off on projects
What skills I will gain after completing PMP Certification?

There are several skills that you will learn in PMP certification course and after achieving a Project Management Professional Certification course. Few of them are listed below:

  • Expands skills, acquaintance and boosts self-sureness
  • Enhances project deliverables and effectiveness
  • Improves personnel and team administration
  • Room to lead, guide, and execute challenging assignments and projects
  • Acknowledgement of your acquaintance, skills and capabilities by universal Organization and companies internationally
  • Crucial Notions will be systematized.
  • PMP certification in Hyderabad will help you have insight on antedating trends and the business impact which is a key skill for a Project Manager. Thinking ahead needs the clever combination of the other methods to actually let you to ponder ahead, without being overloaded with the details of the present.
  • PMP certification will teach you how to make important decisions in the business. Ideal Project Manager understands how to action upon grounded on in dept knowledge of both native and international economic tendencies.
What are the career benefits after completing PMP certification?

There are many career benefits after completing PMP certification. Listed are below benefits:

  • International Credit: PMI is a globally recognized association. PMP certification provides fair authorization of project management facts and practice as PMP is an extremely famous, widely acknowledged, and globally accepted project management qualification. It is respected across various industry sections.
  • Career Accomplishment: The PMP certification additionally provides Professional or career accomplishments which is greater than your elementary qualification. PMP certification validates and approves your brilliance in project management area. It demonstrates that you have thorough knowhow and fulfilled reputable standards.
  • Greater Knowledge: The PMP certification and PMP training in Hyderabad progresses your knowledge, expertise and skills in project management area. You attain this knowledge during preparation of the examination and this knowledge that you gained, you are bound to implement it in your project work.
  • Superior Acknowledgement: One will attain greater acknowledgement from your company and co-workers or colleagues for going an extra mile towards professional progress. It emphasizes your acquaintance, skills, and capabilities. PMP certification proves your ability to your colleagues and other professionals and helps you to solve project management related issues in better way as compared to them. PMP certification and training might even help you start coaching or mentoring others on tinges of project management.
  • Better Customer Fulfilment: With PMP certification, you can confidently show the clients your promise, dedication towards the job which will gain you clients’ trust and confidence in your aptitudes and capabilities.
  • Higher Project Success rate: PMP certification and training will teach you couple of tactics, methods, and good approaches that shoots up the likelihoods of project success and in turn increases the Success rate of the project. You will stumble upon these tools and practices during your examination preparation and homework which you can apply and implement in your current job or projects. This expands overall competence your project management.
  • Bigger Roles and Responsibilities: The PMP certification and training validates and approves your knowledge, expertise, and ability among your seniors, subordinates and management of the company you are associated with. Due to this greater visibility, Company might assign you more and bigger responsibilities and take up complex piece of task. With your expertise, you will be able to suggest better process improvements and take up inventiveness to perform and look beyond your present job roles and responsibilities. In a lengthier course, PMP certification might even reimburse for your lack of experience in project management.
  • Boosts up Self-assurance and Enhanced Personal Contentment: It is a universal and known fact that the PMP exam is not so easy or any other exam. Having said that, it might not be the impossible thing to achieve in your career, but it will definitely test you in a positive manner. Your self-confidence will be boosted up tremendously after clearing the examination which in turn leave you with better sense of personal contentment and satisfaction.
  • Increased Marketability: One would be required to know and absorb the important standings of project management. Additionally, one should have hands on experience of the salient project management perceptions. The PMP certification authenticates your information, skills, and hands on work experience. It improves your CV and enhances your marketability.
  • Better Career Prospects: Over the period of time, PMP certification has become desirable or necessary at certain instances for project management careers. PMP certification and PMP training in Hyderabad will open avenues to better career prospects. Nowadays, the expert project managers in several diverse businesses are in huge demand. The candidates who are trained, have hands on experience and knowledge that comes with the certification bag the better job opportunities. PMP provides Project Managers with a competitive edge over non-PMP certified project managers.
  • Potential to higher earnings: Last but definitely not the least, it is the utmost important point for the salaried professionals. PMP certification gives a noteworthy benefit when it comes to pay and earning potential.
Who should do PMP certification?

An practiced project manager who fulfils the following criteria:

  • Complete their responsibilities under overall direction and are accountable for all facets of the project Management
  • Guide and facilitate cross-functional squads to deliver projects within the limitations of plan, cost and resources
  • Establish adequate knowledge and practice to properly implement a practice to projects that have rationally distinct project necessities and deliverables.
  • Any professionals having experience in Project Management and wish to have credentials, which recognize them globally and lead to their career growth, can do PMP Certification Couse. Our PMP training in Hyderabad is best suitable for:
  • Project Manager
  • Associate / Assistant Project Manager
  • Project Executives / Project Engineer
  • Team Leads / Team Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Any professional wish to be the Project Manager
Why PMP Certification is in high demand?

Project management professionals are in a boundless demand and essential for nearly every industry in the current scenario and competition. Career path laid by PMP certification and training allows you to have exponential career growth along with rewarding income. Prior to project management as a job pathway, one needs to evaluate the skill sets mandatory to become a effective project manager. One of the reasons why PMP in demand is that the PMP certification career path allows you to accept complex projects with superior role and responsibility

Apart from above, there are many other reasons why exactly PMP holds so much value,  Let us check them out:
Sets you apart amongst the competitors: During an interview, PMP sets as a filtration criterion specially when there are candidates are huge in number for few positions which most likely is the case in today’s competitive world. So, during that time, if you hold PMP certification and the other candidate does not, you are at clearly preferred position.
Provides you with tools: At times, we all come across the situation where in you are stuck up with issues and unable to track down the right solution. During that time, you need to have your knowledge, skills and tools handy so that you can pick up any tool when required and PMP certification provides you with such tools and skills. Since you have put lot of efforts and hard work to crack examination, you have excelled another set of information. Use this wisely and generously when you can!
You can be a great leader: PMP certification provides you with extensive knowledge base on Project Management and experience that with the gained knowledge you can become a great leader or mentor
Keeps you as an unceasing learner:Companies are constantly in search of candidates who are continuously learning. Learning is an honor within itself, and peers in your organization will appreciate and respect you for this unceasing learning quality, and at times even feel jealous of you!
Will authorize you to yield profit:Regularly, obtaining a certification, for example, the PMP certification, can speedily prompt pay raises of minimum 20% and that’s just the start.
Helps you to properly measure the aids and skills of peers:PMP trains you to excel the material for the accreditation, you are at a higher position to measure the performance and skills of your peers and subordinates. You have had the chance to measure your own specific strengths and weakness during your time period of winning and clearing certification and have a more widely spread understanding of the abilities and toolsets that can be persuasive.
Gets your moving to paths of new area. Several profession switchers or hoppers depend upon certifications to step their foot and get hold into another sphere. For instance, several expert Professionals who need to push will succeed the PMP certification by setting up the ultimate vision of moving ahead in their career to take up more and greater responsibilities.


And if you require any more reason to get certified which is neither work or salary-driven then assume that accomplishing the PMP certification will permit you to connect the positions of your peers and enhance a respected title against your name. Many of PMP students can demonstrate to the fulfilment they felt on clearing the test and becoming member of the PMP community or family. The panel is in – the Project Management Professional certification unlocks gates. So, what are you still awaiting?  Go visit StarAgile (An institute which deals with different types of Agile and Scrum certifications and trainings, PMP certification being one of them) site today, enroll yourself for PMP certification training and get ongoing down the pathway to a better profession!


Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, awarded by Project Management Institute (PMI)®, is the globally recognized standard for professionals in project management across diverse domains and industries. PMP® certification empowers project management professionals with the comprehensive learning of the project management processes, professional competency, and effective skills to lead with enhanced productivity.

It is one of the top 10 certifications in the world. It has excellent scope – it value is recognized in many different industries. If you are in a PM role, you must attain PMP or an equivalent certification.

1. Introduction to PMP®
• What is PMP® & PMI®
• Introduction PMBOK® Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge)
• PMP® Exam Syllabus
• PMP® Exam Format
• PMP® Exam Syllabus
• Introduction to Project Case Study
• Introduction to Project Management Templates
2. Project Management Framework
• What is a Project?
• What is Project Management?
• What is Program Management?
• What is Portfolio Management?
• Project Management Office
• Project Constraints
• Stakeholder Management
• Organization Structure
• Project Lifecycle Vs Product Lifecycle
• Organizational Process Assets
• Enterprise Environmental Factors
• Mock Test
3. Project Management Processes
• Common Project Management Process Interactions
• Project Management Process Groups
• Initiating Process Group
• Planning Process Group
• Executing Process Group
• Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
• Closing Process Group
• Role of the Knowledge Areas
• Mock Test
4. Project Integration Management
• What is Project Integration Management?
• The Key role of the Project Manager Project Team and Project Sponsor
• Project Selection Methods
• Develop Project Charter
• Develop Project Management Plan
• Direct and Manage Project Execution
• Manage Project Knowledge
• Monitor & Control Project Work
• Perform Integrated Change control
• Close Project or Phase
• Mock Test
5. Project Scope Management
• What is Project Scope Management?
• Plan Scope Management
• Collect Requirements
• Define Scope
• Create WBS
• Validate Scope
• Control Scope
• Mock Test
6. Project Schedule Management
• What is Project Schedule Management?
• Plan Schedule Management
• Define Activities
• Sequence Activities
• Estimate Activity Duration
• Develop Schedule
• Control Schedule
• Mock Test
7. Project Cost Management
• What is Project Cost Management?
• Plan Cost Management
• Estimate Costs
• Determine Budget
• Control Costs
a. Earned Value Management
• Project Selection Methods
• Mock Test
8. Project Quality Management
• What is Quality?
• What is Quality Management?
• Cost of Quality
• Introduction to Quality Tools
• Plan Quality Management
• Manage Quality
• Control Quality
• Mock Test
9. Project Resource Management
• What is Resource Management?
• Motivational Theories
• Plan Resource Management
• Estimate Activity Resources
• Acquire Resources
• Develop Team
• Manage Team
• Control Resources
• Mock Test
10. Project Communications Management
• What is Communication?
• Communication Methods Technology & Channels
• Basic Communication Model
• Plan Communications Management
• Manage Communications
• Monitor Communications
• Mock Test
11. Project Risk Management
• What is Risk?
• Plan Risk Management
• Identify Risks
• Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
• Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
• Plan Risk Responses
• Implement Risk Responses
• Monitor Risks
• Mock Test
12. Project Procurement Management
• What is a Contract?
• Types of Contracts?
• Plan Procurement Management
• Conduct Procurements
• Control Procurements
• Mock Test
13. Project Stakeholder Management
• Identify Stakeholders
• Plan Stakeholder Engagement
• Manage Stakeholder Engagement
• Monitor Stakeholder Engagement
• Mock Test
14. PMP® Examination Tips
• Do’s and Don’ts in the Examination
• Important topics to focus for the Examination preparation
• Formulas to know for the Exam
• Tricks for taking the PMP Exam
• Common errors and pitfalls
• Professional and Social Responsibility

  • Globally recognized certification
  • To become a better project manager because the best practices have been included from many project managers across the globe
  • Increases the success rate of your project as you become more organized
  • Minimizing resource utilization and making a project cost effective
  • Changes how others look your abilities
  • To keep your job, promoted or get a new job
  • Hike in your current salary (Help you to get ahead)

Managers, Program Managers, QA Managers, Co-ordinators, Onsite co-ordinators, Off-site co-ordinators, PMO office representatives, Leads, Delivery Managers, Practice Managers and Consultants.

CSM Training
Sivaram(Agile coach and consultant)
  • Sivaram has over 16 years of IT experience. He is a Certified PMP (Project Management Professional from PMI), PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) and has extensive Technical & Managerial experience. He has played multiple roles such as Delivery Manager, Practice Manager, Project Manager, Solution Architect, Project Lead, Onsite/Offshore model.
  • He has played a vital role in Presales, Service Offerings & Center of Excellence in presenting/submitting innovative technical proposals/solutions and participated in Technical Défense programs with various Customers. He acted as Single Point of Contact with various technical sales teams, relationship teams, business development teams and customer representatives. He has managed large-sized teams in collaborative environment with multiple BUs and has taken key decisions in Resourcing. He worked/managed a range of Fixed Bid, Maintenance, Production support and T&M projects.


Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, awarded by Project Management Institute (PMI)®, is the globally recognized standard for professionals in project management across diverse domains and industries. PMP® certification empowers project management professionals with the comprehensive learning of the project management processes, professional competency, and effective skills to lead with enhanced productivity.

It is one of the top 10 certifications in the world. It has excellent scope – it value is recognized in many different industries. If you are in a PM role, you must attain PMP or an equivalent certification.

Our trainers will provide complete assistance on application process at the point of Live Virtual training.

No. The exam fee is not included.

Yes, our training is completely aligned with PMBOK6 by PMI® for the    Year 2018.

After successful completion of the training, you will be awarded the course completion certificate along with the 35 hours PDU certificate from StarAgile that makes you eligible to take up PMI-PMP examination.

All Our Trainers are PMI-PMP® credentials holders and highly qualified with over 20+ years of experience in training and are working in the Project Management domain.

Live Virtual trainings will be delivered via video conferencing. Students have the option to take the course in person or join the live classrooms remotely from their desktop. We can see and hear the course instructor and other classmates in real time

The system requirements are quite basic:
OS: Windows any version above XP SP3 & Mac any version above OS X 10.6
Internet Speed: Preferably above 512 KBPS
Headset: Any decent headset and microphone which can be used to talk and hear clearly.

Payment can be made via Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, Cheque / DD / NEFT

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