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How To Become A Certified Scrum Master?

by Ramya Shastri

April 16, 2018
Category Agile and Scrum

Last year, when LinkedIn published its observations on most promising jobs in 2017, Scrum Master was ranked at number 10 on the listi. This trend and the 400% growth in job demand, talks volume about how important scrum master is to a company. With more companies adopting the Agile methodology, the role of scrum master has become very crucial. In fact, today several companies from startups to leading IT giants such as Microsoft and Ericsson prefer to adopt Scrumii. Hence, it has become important for IT professionals to undergo Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification training to become a certified scrum master. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can get yourself CSM certified, but before that understand why companies prefer scrum masters.

Why is scrum master so crucial to a company?

There are several reasons why companies prefer scrum master to manage their agile teams.

#1 – Deep understanding of Agile approaches

Today every company prefers agile methodology because of the quick delivery cycle, ability to deliver better products, and its ability to make customers happy. A scrum master has good knowledge of various agile approaches such as Kanban, Lean etc., which is why companies prefer working with them.

#2 – Deep understanding of software delivery processes

Scrum masters have in-depth knowledge of the software delivery process, which makes it easier for the companies to deliver products at a faster pace without any hindrances.

#3 – Ability to maintain a relationship with different stakeholders and team

A scrum master is also a good project manager who believes in working in collaboration with various stakeholders and teams to attain a common goal. They understand the processes well and are able to communicate it to the agile teams and other stakeholders to help them understand their role and contribution to the project.

How to get yourself CSM certified?

Scrum master certification was officially started in the year 2002 when three software developers Ken Schwaber, Mike Cohn, and Esther Derby formed Scrum Alliance. Since then, every company has begun to recognise and accept the certification as a valid qualification for a scrum master. Until 2009, Scrum Alliance was the only provider of certification courses. Today, there are several globally recognised scrum master programs available such as Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Agile Scrum Master (ASM), Scrum Master Certified (SCM), and Professional Scrum Master (PSM I). However, one of the most popular certifications is CSM certification.

CSM certification has the most number of trainers worldwide conducted by Scrum Alliance. The CSM certification training is a 2-day (16 hours in-person training program) taught by Certified Scrum Trainers (CST). After completing the Certified Scrum Master(CSM)certification training, you need to appear for the CSM exam. To pass the exam, you need to answer 24 out of 35 questions correctly. On passing the exam, you will have to accept the License agreement to complete the Scrum Alliance Membership profile. The Scrum Alliance Membership gives you 2-years access to attend Scrum Alliance gatherings, opportunity to become an Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) or a certified Scrum Professional ScrumMaster (CSP-SM)iv. Most importantly, you can leverage this membership to land your dream job.

After two years, you can renew your membership by paying a fee of $100. This does not require additional examination or CSM certified training.

Several institutes offer Certified Scrum Master(CSM)certification training in India and abroad. Research about their faculty and check their offerings before signing up for it.

How will the CSM certification help you?

  • A CSM certification will help you remain relevant in the ever-changing IT industry. Certification will give you access to network with other certified professionals, which makes it easier to exchange ideas, agile best practices, and understand the challenges in the industry. Collaboration is the new way to success.
  • The certification will help you understand the challenges of your company better and resolve them more efficiently. Adopting a new methodology is difficult for every company. Certification will help you to guide your company through this change seamlessly.
  • Having a CSM certification also plays a huge role in winning a qualified client. Clients prefer to work with companies that practice agile methodology. Your certification will be a huge boost in gaining the trust of the client.
  • Most importantly, the certification helps in landing a dream job with a package as attractive as $86,305.

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